Frequently asked questions

Screening process

All the clients I see must be screened. I accept the following screening methods:

  • Non expired government-issued photographic ID

  • Reference from an established independent companion (I will need their website and/or Twitter) 

  • Your Linkedin account (from a non-personal company)  

Prescreening is an available option.


I offer duos with these providers.


Good hygiene is expected from both parties. Clients are asked to shower at the beginning of appointments. Please be considerate of cigarette odor. Short and neat fingernails are greatly appreciated. 

Cancelation policy

Short appointment cancelations: Require at 24 hours of notice, the failure to notify in time will result in a 50% fee of the agreed time.

Overnights: Require at least 3 days notice for cancelation, the failure to notify in time will result in a 50% fee of the appointment.

Tour: Cancelations require at least a week's notice for cancelations. Cancelations within this time are subject to a 25% fee of the agreed time of the appointment. Cancelation on tour with 3 days' notice or less is subject to a 50% fee. Same day tour cancelations are subject to a 100% fee. 

*Please note these policies may be adjusted on a case by case scenario. 


Deposits are necessary on a case by case basis, it is up to my discretion to ask for one. Longer dates, new suitors, and tour appointments are often subject to deposits so please be prepared to pay one if you are inquiring about one of those situations. Deposits expire after a 6 month holding period. 


I have decided not to allow reviews. My experiences with clients are unique to everyone and therefore reviews cannot well describe the type of service I can offer for everyone. Clients who post reviews about me will not be seen again. 

Female clients and couples

I deeply enjoy appointments with both couples and female clients. Please note that my rate for couples is an additional $100 per session. I am flattered if you are hiring me as a surprise for your partner, however, I appreciate that both partners are aware of the engagement for consent purposes.


 Gifts are extremely appreciated, here are a few suggestions. My birthday is in early August.

  • Gifts cards to stores including but not limited to: Henry's photo store, LaSenza, La Vie En Rose, Simons, Lululemon, Coach, Yves Rocher, IKEA, Amazon, Pandora jeweler, Buddha jewelry, Starbucks or Sephora.

  • Additional donations are graciously appreciated.

  • Alcohol preferences: Wild vines strawberry wine, Spumante Bambino peach flavored, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon, rich red wines, sparkling rosé.

  • For a more intimate wishlist with specific items I am interested in, click here.