Emilie Silvers

Ottawa's luxury alternative companion



Who is Emilie Silvers?

The type of woman with an intertwined double life. I split myself into equal parts between companionship, being an artist, and a student. I pride myself on delivering soul-soothing sessions and being a whip-smart, easy-going kinda gal.

 Non-discriminatory to race and I welcome people with disabilities.  

At a glance

Height: 5'7

Body type: Curvy in all the right places 

Top: 38DD

Bottom: L

Hair: Medium-long brown


You can typically find me hitting the books whether it is about philosophy, art theory, or human sexuality. Otherwise, I'm busy being creative or checking out artisanal restaurants.

I love experimenting and trying new things. Diversity is my comfort zone. Unique date ideas always intrigue me. The perfect date would be a wild activity we've never tried followed by a glass of wine to discuss the fun, then finally some alone time to get to know one another a bit more intimately. 

My companion peers and suitors would describe me as happy-go-lucky, intellectual, quick-witted, and comforting. 


Drinks: Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz wine, sparkling water, smoothies

Gifts: Amazon GC for more books, Sephora GC, Rideau mall GC

Home items: Floral scented candles and incense, unique natural home décor

Flowers: Peonies and roses 

Snacks: Fresh pastries and organic chocolate 

Restaurants: Play Food&Wine, North and Navy, Giovanni's, Fauna, Atelier, Supply & Demand, Le St.Laurent and e18hteen.